Guest Post from Sixteen Beans – Homemade Vanilla Bean Coconut Peanut Butter

24 Oct

I often read on other food blogs how people attend conferences and workshops and meet new people and develop friendships with fellow bloggers. As much as I would love to meet and attend classes with some of the incredibly talented people I read about so often, I have not yet had the opportunity or time for it. Whenever I receive a comment posted on my blog, I take the time to check out that persons website if they have one. It has been a great way for me to find more wonderful blogs to read and follow. A few weeks back, I received a comment from Kyleen, the author of the Sixteen Beans. Upon visiting the site, I immediately fell in the love with the beautiful photography and chuckled at the “baking bucket list“. As I read on, I was totally stunned to read that Kyleen is only sixteen years old! As a teacher of students who are that exact age, I was incredibly impressed with the writing, photography and professionalism of the site, not to mention the level at which this girl can cook! I can’t imagine how she has the time to try all these challenging recipes, go to school and keep up a food blog.  I immediately wrote to her and asked her for two things. 1 – Can you please move to my school district so I can have someone as amazing as you as a student? And 2 – Will you please guest post on my blog so I can share your work with my readers? Unfortunately she won’t be moving anytime soon but she was able to give us a great post for this delicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Peanut Butter. One of the most amazing things about being a teacher is realizing how much the students can teach you. This sixteen year old can teach me any day.

Hi, I’m Kyleen, the girl behind Sixteen Beans and today I’m guest posting on Lauren’s amazing blog, Lessons in Food.

*          *          *
Last Christmas, my parents bought me a food processor. To other high-school juniors, this might sound like a kitchen appliance masquerading as a gift (how often have you seen your parents buying each other toasters), but I was ecstatic because the acquisition of a food processor meant that I could forgo the box-graters and knives when I baked or cooked.  Enthusiastically, I used the processor to grate carrots for Carrot Cake and to process butter for Thyme, Cheddar, Ham Biscuits.
Besides the odd carrot cake or lasagne, I haven’t used my food processor much, mostly because it’s stored in the bottom of my baking cupboard (yes, there is a whole cupboard devoted exclusively to the storage of baking supplies) and I hate bending down to lug the various parts out. Also, I’ve found that making a pie crust or grating cheese with the processor might require less physical effort up front, but washing the container, lid, push-stick, and blade kind of negates the convenience. I guess I’m a minimalist.
Whether I used to swear by my food processor or not, this Homemade Vanilla Bean Coconut Peanut Butter won me over. I love, love, love peanut butter—I’m the kind of girl who eats peanut butter by the spoonful—so I’ve always wanted to try making my own, long before I owned a processor.
This peanut butter includes coconut oil, which adds even more richness and an undertone of coconut that compliments the nuttiness perfectly. Beautiful specks of black vanilla are suspended throughout the creamy, thick, rich nut butter. What can I say? I’m a convert; homemade peanut butter puts store-bought to shame.

Homemade Vanilla Bean Coconut Peanut Butter
I found this recipe on Healthy Food For Living. (The other) Lauren isn’t exaggerating when she says that it’s hard to resist eating this peanut butter straight from jar. Heck, I haven’t even tried this on bread yet because it’s been going straight into my mouth.
In the bowl of a food processor, combine peanuts, salt, and sugar. Process for three to five minutes until the peanuts turn into a smooth butter, scraping down the sides as needed. I was pretty worried that process peanuts into peanut butter would hurt the food processor (because I vaguely remember that that was how our old one broke), but peanuts contain so much oil that it will turn into a paste with ease. Add the coconut oil and vanilla bean seeds to the food processor and process until combined.
This nut butter can be stored in the fridge or at room temperature. Some oil separation may occur; just give it a stir before eating.

One Response to “Guest Post from Sixteen Beans – Homemade Vanilla Bean Coconut Peanut Butter”

  1. Russell at Chasing Delicious October 28, 2011 at 2:48 am #

    What a scrumptious flavored peanut butter. I love it! I will definitely be trying this one.

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